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Below are some important publications that our has involved our group. For a full list see here

Associations between Maternal Diet, Body Composition and Gut Microbial Ecology in Pregnancy

Meghan R. Ruebel, et al., Nutrients, 13: 3295; 2021

Hepatic Fat in Early Childhood Is Independently Associated With Estimated Insulin Resistance: The Healthy Start Study

Catherine C Cohen, et al., JCEM, 106: 3140; 2021

Maternal High-Fat Diet Programs Offspring Liver Steatosis in a Sexually Dimorphic Manner in Association with Changes in Gut Microbial Ecology in Mice

Umesh Wankhade, et al., Sci Reports, 8: 16802; 2018

Obesity and pregnancy: mechanisms of short term and long term adverse consequences for mother and child

Catalano PM, et al., BMJ, 356: j1; 2017

Transcriptomic and epigenomic landscapes during cell fusion in BeWo trophoblast cells

Shankar, et al., Placenta, 36: 1342; 2015

Maternal obesity at conception programs obesity in the offspring

Shankar K, et al., Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 294: R528; 2008. https://10.1152/ajpregu.00316.2007

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