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Maternal Child Nutrition Research Group


Our core values >>>

We aim to fundamentally understand the role of maternal and early-life nutrition & environmental factors in the development of obesity and its metabolic co-morbidities. We are a group of highly engaged and collaborative individuals. We deeply value diversity and are committed to fostering an enriching and equitable environment of learning.

We collaborate extensively with multidisciplinary groups to understand offspring physiology and placental biology.



How do experiences in the womb alter life-long health trajectories?   This question underlies the predominant focus of our research. Our group leverages a wide range of experimental approaches including animal models, clinical studies, cell and molecular techniques, and physiological approaches.


We widely utilize high-dimensional “-omics” methods to comprehensively understand biological mechanisms of developmental programming.

Current Research >>>

Maternal Obesity & Developmental Programming

What are the persistent impacts of obesity for offspring health? Our studies have shown that obesity in the mother increases the risk of obesity in the offspring. We are unraveling the mechanisms of how this risk is transmitted and how we can mitigate it.

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